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TASC can assist your organisation to conduct risk assessments of your premises and/or systems, in the following areas, to meet AS 4801/4804:

  • Workplace hazard inspections;
  • Hazardous substances risk assessment;
  • Manual handling risk assessment;
  • Risk assessment of high priority listed worksite hazards;
  • Accident/incident/near miss investigations;
  • Assessment on planned use of equipment and/or environmental workplace changes; and
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA).

Workplace inspections (in the above areas) can assist companies to identify and measure the effective or ineffective behaviour of staff when performing their tasks. This includes observing work practices associated with the use of their facilities, equipment, tools, materials, and how employees and contractors are following pre-determined standards from a behavioural-based safety perspective.

These inspections assist with evaluating and measuring the 'gap' between a 'safe working culture' and systems deficiencies evident within the organisation. They are also designed to suit the requirements of the organisation and its management to meet compliance standard relating to identifying, assessing and controlling hazards present in the workplace.