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TASC will visit your workplace to conduct an assessment of workplace ergonomics and report on the appropriateness of:

  • Workplace/workstation layout and design;
  • Work practices and postures; and
  • The risks associated with occupational overuse syndrome.

The report will also contain feedback on the appropriate equipment required for the task at hand and appropriate use of existing plant and equipment in the workplace.

Assessments can be done on an individual or group basis at either local or nominated locations. Each workstation is assessed comprehensively for risk and immediate feedback offered to the user.

Elements such as individual requirements, types and repetitiveness of movements associated with the tasks being performed, the workstation layout and design, including the work environment, form part of the review. Corrective strategies are implemented to help employees to adjust and use existing equipment to the appropriate standard.

A follow-up report will discuss recommendations for the adjustment and/or replacement of existing equipment to improve the ergonomic condition of the workstation/workplace.
We can also provide staff training on ergonomic layout and design of workstations including a module on human factors such as the basic function of the spine, body posture, types of muscle work, and the relationship between the body and correct placement and use of equipment to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal and overuse injuries.